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Apple Fine Motor Lab Ideas for September


These apple labs are perfect for fine motor and writing centers in September!   Read below to see what fine motor skills the labs work on.  You can set up your own creative labs with the container labels.  We  put the labs on a table with 14 inch plastic rings.  You could use box lids also!  Create tongs, scissors, pencil skills labs and writing activities!

The file used to print the printables, is from the 100 Apple Themed Fine Motor Centers for Preschool – Kindergarten Product.  Perfect for occupational therapy clinicians too!

Link to file:


Dark and Light Pressure Gradiation Activity for Pencil Skills

This is a printable where students will color light and dark to copy the image.  This works on grading pencil pressure!


This is a Crazy Pencil file.  Students can trace the pattern.  However I like the student to color the pattern with a pencil – helps with getting dynamic control of a pencil to change direction, as well as to work on outline coloring skills.


Scissors skills files – cut to the dot and turn.



Container labels – put on popsicle sticks to reuse every year.   Tape to a container. These are bunny tongs or spoon scissors.  You can purchase the spoon scissors with egg dying kits each Spring.  There are other types of spoon scissors you can purchase from educational catalogs.



More container labels for sorting!


Punch dot labs.  This is a corn cob holder with one prong cut off. There is a TIP grip on the corn cob holder to encourage thumb flexion.   The student is punching letters a – z in alphabetical order.  The puncher encourages a dynamic tripod grasp and strengthening of the finger and thumb muscles. FUN!  Seriously a big favorite activity of students!


Popcycle sticks with printable apples/container labels for small and big sorting. Sort with tongs!


More sorting with tongs, using container labels from the Apple Themed Fine Motor Kit.   The sticks are counters from EAI Education.  The tongs are my FAVORITE tongs – bamboo toaster tongs from Pampered Chef.


Finally a sentence with picture/word support.  This is a differentiated sentence for a student who is not independent in writing within handwriting lines, but can copy letters.

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