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Fizzing Foam Muffins Fine Motor Activity

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Fine Motor Ideas, Fun Crafts, Fun Stuff Videos, Videos | 0 comments

So cool! Kids love it!


Here is the video!


small cups


baking soda

Biocolor paint from


paper plate 




1. Place baking powder into a small 2 oz cup or other small cup

2. In another small cup, add 2  oz vinegar and 1 1/2 teaspoons biocolor paint (this project is very specific to biocolor paint)

Stir well.   Use 2 – 3 cups with 2 – 3 different colors of paint.

3.  Use the eye dropper to squeeze the vinegar and Biocolor paint into the baking soda.  The biocolor paint and vinegar will make the baking soda foam and rise.  (Regular paint added to vinegar  just makes the baking soda fizz quickly and stop).

Once one color has risen, start adding the second color of Biocolor paint.  Note the colors do not mix!


Fine Motor Skill:  

1. Use of eye droppers

2. Finger strength

3. Tripod grasp

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