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Our OT student shows off fine motor labs and multi-sensory handwriting!

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Fine Motor Ideas, Fun Stuff Videos, Training Videos, Videos | 0 comments

This is Jerry, an OT student that was on fieldwork at The Handwriting Clinic.  Jerry humored us by being a Handwriting Clinic student for a session to show off fine motor activities and multi-sensory handwriting!  Cameo appearance from Sam the therapy dog. 

The fine motor activities and writing activities are part of a Zoo Animal Mega Pack of 200 activities.  This mega pack is only available for our First Strokes Workshop attendees. However, The Fine Motor Store has very similar in many different themes.  This video will show how we set up fine motor labs at a table.  The table is from Sam’s warehouse, and my husband cut the legs down so that it would sit low to the floor.  We used wooden footstools for the children to sit at the table.

The rings on the table hold our themed fine motor lab activities. These rings can  be found in the gross motor section of educational catalogs.   Favorite tongs:  bamboo toaster tongs from Pampered Chef.

The multi-sensory handwriting activities show off some of the FUN in teaching handwriting!  Favorite medium:   Colorations Liquid Watercolor Paint from  Dip a q-tip in the paint to practice handwriting!  Make handwriting lines with pink and blue markers.  FUN!

Click  on  the link to see the video!


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