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Self Paced Print Legibility Program for 2nd – 5th graders

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Self Paced Print Legibility Course for 2nd – 5th grade

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Parents:  Need a home program course for your student to improve legibility?  This course is an online self-paced course for a parent to work with their 2nd – 5th grader on handwriting legibility. From second grade forward, taking a child through a print handwriting workbook designed to teach letters is not effective.  If a student writes letters incorrectly from bottom to top, or in non-standard ways, the students patterning of writing letters is habitual and not changeable.  However, print legibility CAN be improved!  2 techniques help: 1. Teach to identify common speed handwriting errors and 2. Work on sizing and spacing. This program teaches a student to write on notebook paper by first working on notebook paper with a middle divider 1/3 space.  The student learns to write tall letters lthbkfd touching the top line, sinking letters gjypq touching the middle divider below, and then to size all other letters as small letters. The student progresses through the modules by first working on the lined paper, and then generalizing skills to notebook paper. The program also works on fill in the blank legibility and number legibility.


This is the program that we have used since 2002 at The Handwriting Clinic. Now available as a self paced course with modules!








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