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Dinosaur Step by Step Art Project

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Fun Step by Step Draw and Write for Differentiated Instruction

Sequenced drawings build skills and confidence in drawing!   So much fun!  Below is a project from a student with autism who LOVES dinosaurs!





paint brush or sponge on a stick




Activity:  Draw the dinosaurs using this step by step guide!

Dino wriitng compose with word bank

Sometimes it is easier to draw first with a pencil, then trace over with a marker.  

Use paint to make the landscape ( mud, lakes, trees, volcano’s – use your creativity!)

Last  have the student use this differentiated sentence template to write sentences about their dinosaur project!

Dino wriitng compose with word bank


If you need more step by step drawing projects or differentiated writing activities with picture/word support, The Fine Motor Store has over 300 products full of fun activities!


Printable .pdfs for this project are below:

Step by Step Directed Dinosaur Draw.pdf

Dino wriitng compose with word bank.pdf

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