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Draw a Scarecrow Pastel Technique

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Fine Motor Activities, Fun Crafts, Pencil/Coloring Skills | 0 comments

Draw a Scarecrow Pastel Technique


Sooo many of my craft projects involve pastel crayons.  I think I love how you can blend colors so well with the pastels. At my clinic, the students draw fun art projects, and then write about the projects using differentiated writing activities. 

This scarecrow is perfect for fall!




Dark construction paper

Pastels – including white.




Guide the student through a step by step directed draw to draw a scarecrow. 

Color the entire scarecrow with the white crayon.  Then use other bright colors to color the scarecrow.  I LOVE that the kids do not have to color perfectly.  Sometimes the project looks best when the coloring is a little scraggly!   

Last trace around the scarecrow with a black pastel. 

Then write about the scarecrow!

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