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FREEBIE – Draw a Person Practice!

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Fine Motor Activities, Fine Motor Ideas, Free Download, Fun Crafts, Visual Motor Drawing | 0 comments

FREEBIE!  Creative Idea for Draw a Person Practice!


This is a wonderful idea that we use at The Handwriting Clinic to practice a “Draw a Person”.  It is a FREEBIE in The Fine Motor Store!


     *  Construction Paper

     *  Paper – cut into squares

     *  Stapler

     *  Pencil

     *  Black marker


Draw a person and Cut under the head and body,  This will help students understand the top (head), middle (body) and bottom (legs).  Staple squares to the right side.



Next have the student copy the person on the right side.

Send home for homework to keep practicing a draw a person!  Try drawing emotions, or an action (throwing a ball), etc.




If you need more practice with draw a person, The Fine Motor Store has more Draw a Person Activities!

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