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New Product $1.00 alert! Halloween Jack-o-lantern craft and Differentiated Writing Activity!

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Halloween Jack-o-lantern craft and Differentiated Writing Activity!


Pre-k, Kindergarten, First grade and Special Education differentiated writing and craft!
Make a project and writing about it with differentiated activities! Printable templates for the craft project. Printable writing topic ideas and handwriting paper.


Printable templates:                  


Materials needed:
orange and green construction paper (trim width to fit in printer).
printable to write about the project.

Types of Differentiated Words and Sentences:  (These files are very similar to differentiated types of sentences available in The Fine Motor Store in many different themes and activities!)

1. Trace the outline trace word.


2. Trace and copy the word “jack-o-lantern” in the box below.


3. Outline trace and copy sentences (no handwriting lines)

4. Circle and Write – compose by circling the picture words to “compose” a sentence. Then copy onto handwriting paper (included).


5. Cut and Write – Cut the word/picture cards, put in order, and copy onto handwriting paper.


6. Silly sentence circle and write a silly sentence.


7. Building block sentences – shows how to write in the handwriting lines.


8. Advanced word bank with pictures – compose sentences about the jack-o-lantern.


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