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This video shows how  to  set up fine motor labs with our Pumpkin themed fine motor centers.


Here is the link to the Pumpkin Themed Fine Motor Labs:


Fine Motor Activities Included:

Tongs labs – print and store in a sheet protectors. Add manipulatives and tongs or tweezers and have 20 + tongs activities.



Container labels for sorting – colors, sizes, counting, alphabet, shapes. Print and tape onto containers or popsicle sticks for MORE sorting labs. Use tongs or tweezers!

UntitledImage       UntitledImage

Circle Dot Labs – color, punch out, paint. Large and small dots for your creativity. Use a crayon to color the dots in a path. Use bingo markers, sponge sticks or 1-tips to dot.


Scissors labs – simple to more complex – from the “crazy scissors” files in Jan’s store on TPT


Visual motor complete the pattern Labs – draw the face on the pumpkin to finish the AB, ABB, ABC, AAB pattern.


Coloring Power labs – Jan’s “Coloring Power” Labs on TPT are excellent ways of teaching a dynamic tripod grasp – with arrows to teach children how to change direction when they color. Includes training worksheets. These files are Jan’s favorite – she uses them as an occupational therapist in almost every treatment session. Perfect for classroom centers or warm-ups.


Pencil Power Labs – These are best sellers on TPT. Trace the pattern. Stay on the road! Perfect for eye hand coordination. FUN!


Circle and Write worksheets – Best seller for handwriting practice on Jan’s TPT store! Picture/Word sentences to circle and write. Perfect for centers, writing labs.


Cut and Write labs – Cut the picture/word cards, and glue the sentence in order. Copy onto handwriting paper – either the printable paper, or any handwriting paper. Handwriting paper files included.


This file INCLUDES training worksheets. 104 pages total in this file. Tongs labs and container labels printable in color or black and white (and then color your own, to create even MORE variety of labs. (all other files are perfect just in grayscale print.

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