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Sale on the newly updated Gingerbread Fine Motor and Writing Product

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Sale on the newly updated Gingerbread Fine Motor and Writing Product


Product link:

Gingerbread theme!  So much fun!  This product includes enough activities for the entire month of December!  I just updated it to add MORE activities – so now the file is 107 pages!


Tongs labs!  8 tongs centers.  Just need your own tongs and manipulative ( in color or black and white versions)


UntitledImage                         UntitledImage


Container labels – make your own fine motor centers. Place on containers for sorting activities – just add tongs and manipulative.


UntitledImage           UntitledImage    UntitledImage


4 Coloring pages – fun!



Coloring Power Labs – work on a dynamic grasp, to follow the arrows to color with a pencil.


Pencil Power Labs – work on a dynamic tripod grasp, to trace


Punch Dot Labs – use a puncher with a tripod grasp, or use a pencil to color with small circular strokes with a pencil.

UntitledImage    UntitledImage


10 Scissors Skills activities;




14 Differentiated Writing Activities:

Cut and Write:  Cut, place cards in order, and copy sentence on the handwriting paper.


Circle and Write Sentences:  Circle the sentence and copy onto the handwriting paper.



Outline Trace and Copy Sentences:  Trace and copy – dots and arrows show how to form the letters correctly.  2 types of files:   1.  Unlined paper for students who have challenges with handwriting lines 2.  3 lined handwriting paper.















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