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Sam the Therapy Dog


Sam is an 11 year old lab who has worked at The Handwriting Clinic since 2009.  He was a therapy dog with Pet Partners, and did therapy dog activities at different therapy dog visits even outside of the clinic.  He has attended the Mountain Central Conference  – our state OT Association conference, several times.  Many therapists will remember Sam. He even has participated in conferences as my sidekick as a guest speaker at this conference, as well as visited Texas Woman’s University.

Many OT’s  still ask about Sam, and how to get involved in therapy dog work.  My best answer is to take a LOT of manners classes, learn tricks, and then go with a national program. Sam had to be tested every 2 years – my responsibility in making sure Sam was at his best during visits.

Due to Covid, our clinic building closed and we are doing teletherapy.  Sam usually sleeps through therapy, but he will wake up to do tricks!  Kids will work hard to get to see Sammy’s tricks.  His favorite trick is to “count” to any number to 10 by tapping his paw.

Here are some action photo’s of Sam. 


UntitledImage  UntitledImage

     Keyboarding Class – asleep!                                                            Handwriting WHAM Class – asleep!

UntitledImage  UntitledImage

Just passed his recertification as a therapy dog – he retests every 2 years!  Tradition is to get a hamburger for passing!


UntitledImage  UntitledImage

Sam loves treats and likes nice handwriting!                                   This is my absolute favorite picture of Sam.  This little boy

                                                                                                         wss about 4, and I still work with him many years later!   

UntitledImage  UntitledImage  UntitledImage



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