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Self Paced Handwriting and Fine Motor Course for Special Education

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Self Paced Handwriting and Fine Motor Course for Special Education

Parents:  Need a home program course for your student?  This course is an online self-paced course for a parent to work with their child on handwriting and fine motor skills. It has modules to teach letters – without handwriting lines.  Simple worksheets, with dots and arrows for the starting point. Trace and copy activities. Includes high frequency sightwords and sentences with picture word support!  Also includes 17 fine motor products that are themed based and approximately 80 pages each, for tongs, scissors, pencil skills!  Course is $100, but has enough material for an entire year, with several levels of workbooks and 800 + pages of fine motor skills activities.  This is a SINGLE licensed course for a family – not for professional use.  It is a cost effective option for parents to have the material to work on handwriting with their own child. You are able to allow an aide, ABA therapists, etc to work with your child on the course. It just cannot be shared for professional use.

This is an introduction movie for the First Strokes Handwriting Self-Paced Course, Special Education Edition. The content of the course was developed by Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR from The Handwriting Clinic. The course is designed to give a program and curriculum for parents to use with their child, to develop fine motor skills and handwriting skills. The course can be found on Zenler at:


Video introduction to the course:



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