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Types of Differentiated Sentences in The Fine Motor Store

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Types of Differentiated Sentences in The Fine Motor Store


Working with students, I have some who are beginning readers. They may be able to read simple words and sight words, but longer words like giraffe,  dolphin, or alligator might be too challenging to read. I have other students who are beginning writers, but feel unconfident trying to compose sentences.  They have great ideas, but feel like it is too challenging to sound out words. I have other students who have special needs, who need picture-word support.

Therefore, as I work to generalize letter formation to writing sentence, I usually use differentiated sentence with picture-word support.


Here are different types of files in The Fine Motor StoreL


Circle and Write Sentences: Students circle the pictures to compose the sentence and then copy the sentence.




Cut and Write Sentences:   The students cut the sentence into picture-word cards. 


I often will write the sentence and have students copy below.  Some students do well just  copy from the picture-word cards – it is up to the instructor to determine the best way.


I love the picture word cards. I spread them out randomly and ask the student to find the upper case letter.  That is a clue – it is always first.  Then find the period. Another clue!  A period is always at th end of the sentence.  Next they try to put the order of the sentence together.  I work with a lot of students with autism – this starts out as a challenging activity but I almost always see some great progress in the sentence construction!




Outline Trace and Copy Sentences:

Many of the students I work with can write, but the write LARGE!  They also do not have the visual motor skills yet to write in the handwriting lines.  However, these Outline Trae and Copy Sentences work perfect!




Sequence Store Writing:  This is higher level, but I love this sequence story writing product!.  It helps students sequence events in a story, with a word bank to give cues for my students who need them.


Here is the link to the file:

    UntitledImage  UntitledImage

There are SO many of these files on TPT.  They all use high frequency sightwords!  Look for differentiated writing.

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