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Why Hold TONGS Correctly?

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Fine Motor Activities, Fine Motor Ideas, Tongs Skills | 0 comments


Why Hold Tongs Correctly?



Tongs are such a GREAT way to work on the separation of the 2 sides of the hand (radial manipulation –  thumb, index and long finger and ulnar stabilization = 4th and 5th fingers).  They are a FUN way to work on pencil grip and readiness skills for handwriting – but only if used correctly.

While young children will experiment with grasping tongs multiple ways, most children can quickly learn to use tongs with their “go” fingers (radial manipulation) with their “stop” fingers in their hand (ulnar stabilization).

So many instructors allow children to hold tongs indiscriminately and think that tongs are a wonderful fine motor activity to work on strength and coordination.  But if a child holds tongs correctly – it can be such a wonderful way to work on pencil grip!

Look at the pictures below – you can have an impact on children’s grip in a positive way!  So FUN!


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